Monday, August 22, 2005

Ideological Soporifics: Civilizing Whom?

Whether we like to acknowledge it or not, we all take part in one form of ideology, whether it's aesthetic, political, or religious. Acknowledging our individual tendency to fall complacent within our chosen ideology, often times, cancels our ability to think critically and constantly renew art for the sake of a critical task. Our critical task is to recontextualize ideology, whether aesthetic, political, or religious, OR, the way they sometimes work together in the mind of the ideologue in order to issue an agenda.

The place of art as a plan of energy for the Western Man - A Brechtian and Beuys hybrid

"with the frankfurtists. reichenbach is concerned like all social democrats with preserving the 'tradition' undamaged in a classless society. saving the nation's works of art keeps him awake at nights, whereas it puts me to sleep. in vain we explain to him that art-works have become commercial commodities. a beethoven symphony merely subjects the proletarian to the rest of 'culture' and this is barbaric to him. of course only those arts which make a contribution to saving mankind will be saved. culture must lose the character of a commodity in order to become culture again. 'but how can our understanding of art be preserved?" it is the arts that preserve (produce) it. schoenberg's music makes beethoven's comprehensible. the proletarians must free artistic production from its fetters just as with all other forms of production." Bert Brecht Journals 1942.


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